Our lawyers are able to assist you with decisions concerning:


·  Who your children will live with and care arrangements;

·  When/where/how much time each child will spend with each parent;

· Who will decide major long-term decisions about the children, such as education, religion, cultural upbringing, changes to the child’s living arrangements and the child’s health;

·  How and when each parent may contact the children;

·  The impact of family violence on care arrangements;

·  The consideration to be given to children’s wishes;

·  What happens when a child is not returned; and

·  Whether you or your partner intend on relocating with or taking your children overseas.


Our lawyers are also able to assist where there has been a significant change in your circumstances that render a former parenting order or agreement impractical. We also offer assistance and advice on the rights of non-parents, such as grandparents.


At Rankin Ellison, we offer expert support and guidance to ensure that you are well informed of your rights and obligations in relation to your children. Where parties are willing to reach an agreement out of Court, our lawyers will ensure that your interests are not taken advantage of. In the event that parties cannot reach an agreement, our family lawyers have extensive experience appearing before the Family Court of Australia and Federal Magistrates Court of Australia and are able to effectively advise, negotiate and advocate on your behalf.


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