Corporations Law Litigation

Our Company is committed to the early resolution of disputes, be that through Mediation, Informal Resolution Conferences or Arbitration. The list of methods to resolve arguments that sometimes occur in commercial dealings is fairly long and we always suggest a course which is most appropriate for the particular client.

Our aim is to get you the best result we can before Court proceedings take place. If Court proceedings are required, Rankin Ellison's experience will provide you and your organisation a team which is going to fight for a successful outcome.

Where do we practise?

These days a lot of dispute resolution is dealt with in the Government Tribunals. However, we also conduct litigation in the Supreme Court in its Common Law Division, in its Equity and Commercial Divisions. We have cases which have been conducted in the Federal Court. Our Court of Appeal experience is reported in the Law Reports. We also have experience in the Land and Environment Court and the more local consumer tribunals.

Local Court and District Court matters are the subject of a great deal of the business of the Commercial Team. These consist of building and/or contractual disputes involving significant technical argument and sometimes uncomplicated disputes where a Court is asked to simply accept our client's case over the other side's case.

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