Property Settlement

Alongside family breakdown comes a period of financial and emotional uncertainty. Assets need to be divided and the financial future of each partner and child need to be accounted for.


At Rankin Ellison, we offer our clients advice on what their likely entitlements and obligations will be and guidance through the appropriate steps to reach the best possible outcome. 

We offer advice on all aspects of property settlement including:

·   Division of assets including the family home, bank accounts, superannuation and household and personal items;


·     Your entitlement to receive Spousal Maintenance or obligation to pay Spousal Maintenance;


·   How your financial contributions to the marriage, such as being the sole income earner or receiving an inheritance, will likely impact on your portion of asset distribution and future entitlements;


·   How your non-financial contributions to the marriage, including being primary caretaker of the children, homemaker contributions and property improvements will influence the amount you can expect to receive in a property settlement;


·    Which party will be liable to pay outstanding and future debts;


·  The ability of each party to support themselves and children of the marriage in the future; and


·    When a party’s health can be considered in the division of assets.

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