We advise major clients in the insurance and service industries and the corporate arena across Australia. We are a preferred legal adviser for a number of major government and non government organisations in the areas of statutory litigation, employer/employee relations and other litigation.

Historically, Rankin & Nathan and A.O. Ellison have been Defendants' practices. We specialise in litigation in a number of areas including Statutory Litigation and Insurance Law on behalf of insurance and self-insurance groups. A large part of our work consists in acting for Government Agencies and departments in complex Statutory Litigation.

We also meet the legal needs of individuals, small business operators and medium to large corporations. We provide legal advice to corporations on diverse issues ranging from areas such as statutory compliance relating to property, trusts, joint ventures, shareholder agreements and general corporate restructuring. Our professionals provide advice to a broad range of individual clients in the areas of family litigation, estate planning and property transactions and we also advise community groups, semi-government bodies, churches and hospitals on a range of issues.

Whether you are one of the world's largest insurance companies, a professional body, a Government Agency, a manufacturer, a small business operator, an hotelier, or an individual, Rankin Ellison has the ability to provide you with a personalised legal service relevant to your particular needs.

Rankin Ellison, its directors and staff, are committed to providing quality and personalised legal service and advice in all fields of practice.

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