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When did you last make a Will? Have you married, divorced or had children since then? Has your executor passed away? Then it is time to update your Will!

It is especially important that you have a Will that meets your current wishes and is tailored to your individual circumstances when:-


· You have assets that you would like distributed in a certain way.

· You own your own business.

· You get married, divorced or enter into a de-facto relationship.

· You have children under the age of 18 years.

· You have a family member with special needs (e.g. a disability).

· You wish to leave money to a charity or non-profit organisation.


You should consider updating your existing Will, or making a new Will, if one or more of the following circumstances has occurred in your life:-

1.  If you marry. Your existing Will is revoked by the marriage unless it is expressed that your Will has been made in contemplation of marriage.

2. If you divorce.  If you are contemplating divorce or have been divorced since making your last Will, you should contact Rankin Ellison Lawyers about the contents of your current Will, as some bequests in the Will normally will not take effect.

3. If other circumstances change. For example:

   a. If you change your name.
   b. If an executor named in your current Will dies or becomes unsuitable for the role due to age, ill health or    any other reason.
   c. If a beneficiary named in your Will dies.
   d. If you have specifically left any property under your Will that you subsequently sell or give away or convert    into some other form of property.
   e. You should also seek legal advice if you own a property left in your Will through a trust or a partnership.
   f. If you have children, including adopted or foster children.
   g. If you enter into or end a de-facto relationship.

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