Child Support

A parent may be liable to pay child support if they are a legal parent of the child (that is, either the child’s biological or adoptive parent) and either an Australian resident or a resident in a prescribed overseas jurisdiction. The obligation to pay financial support will apply regardless of the time a parent spends with a child or whether a child was planned.


A parent may also be liable to pay child maintenance for a dependent child who is over 18 years of age where that child is studying, has a serious illness or has a physical or mental disability.


At Rankin Ellison, we are able to advise and, if necessary, negotiate and advocate on your behalf on all aspects of your child’s right to financial support.


We are able to advise on:


·      Whether your child is entitled to receive child support or child maintenance;

·      Whether you owe an obligation to pay child support or child maintenance; and

·      The conditions, amount and period of payment which may apply. 


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