Rankin Ellison has managed CTP Claims for insurers throughout a number of legislative overhauls, possessing broad knowledge of the industry and its legal framework.

Our lawyers understand the needs of insurer clients, providing thorough advice and expert representation in all motor vehicle and pedestrian CTP claims. We have extensive experience advising insurance clients on every aspect of claims management and defence, with a view to achieving timely and cost-effective outcomes.

We are highly experienced in complex liability and indemnity matters, assessment of claims that involve consideration of competing legislative schemes, fraudulent claims, catastrophic claims and recovery claims.

At Rankin Ellison, we adopt a proactive approach to ensure proper investigation of all relevant issues, ensuring that the right evidence is obtained to assess CTP claims. Early and accurate assessments are critical for claims management, so our insurance lawyers provide fast and efficient advice. We also ensure high reporting standards, maintaining an open dialogue regarding matters that will affect potential exposure.

We operate with a focus on containing claims costs and reaching an outcome for our client on best possible terms. Our legal team will engage in alternative dispute resolution methods when appropriate and advocate for you to achieve an optimal result. That said, we recognise that some CTP claims need to be vigorously defended and when matters proceed to formal litigation, our experienced Partners provide high quality effective representation.

Two of Rankin Ellison’s Partners were recommended as leading NSW Defendant CTP Motor Vehicle Accident insurance lawyers in the 2019 Doyles Guide.

Our lawyers regularly monitor legislative and case law updates so that we are always up to date with the legal landscape and have the breadth of knowledge required to provide the best advice and representation possible. As a result, our insurer clients can rest assured that they are receiving high-quality representation in CTP insurance matters at all times.