At Rankin Ellison Lawyers, we will give you comprehensive advice on business structures and arrangements, from Shareholder Agreements and Business Partnerships to Unit and Discretionary Trusts.

Selecting the right structure for your business or investments will reap long-lasting financial, tax and asset protection benefits. The wrong choice could be costly, including from a tax and stamp duty point of view, and therefore difficult to restructure. We offer expert advice on the appropriate structure and arrangement for your operations and interests, including shareholder and unitholder agreements, participation agreements for single assets and unit, discretionary or hybrid trusts.

Our lawyers will work collaboratively with your financial advisors, ensuring that you make informed decisions with a multidisciplinary approach to achieve long-term benefits and protection for your business. We routinely provide advice on arrangements including:

  • Asset, business and share acquisition vehicles;
  • Partnership, shareholder, unitholder and participation agreement terms;
  • Discretionary, unit and hybrid trusts and testamentary trusts; and
  • Self-managed superannuation funds deeds and earth benefit agreements.

Our lawyers draft customised partnership, shareholder, unitholder and participation agreements to suit the individual needs of your company, partners, directors and stakeholders. We will take the time to understand all facets of your business before drafting a tailored Agreement.

In matters where an agreement is breached or terminated, our lawyers will provide you with advice aimed at maximising and retaining value in the process of separating the participants.

We also offer legal advice and assistance to those who wish to create or manage a Trust. Our lawyers will provide comprehensive explanations as to how these structures work, as well as their implications on your business in terms of asset protection and taxation planning.

We are here to ensure that everything goes smoothly by providing guidance, preparing documents, liaising with your accountant and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.