Our Public Liability Lawyers are highly experienced in assisting businesses and insurers in defending Public Liability Claims.

Rankin Ellison is well-versed in dealing with the important issues facing employers, businesses and other entities with respect to potential Public Liability Claims. We maintain an open dialogue with our clients to ensure that the claims management process is collaborative, strategic and cost-effective.

Public liability lawyers always endeavour to secure an outcome on best possible terms for our clients.

At Rankin Ellison, we understand that there are many important factors to consider in determining which matters are suitable for an early resolution and which matters warrant litigation. Our insurance team adopts a strategic, proactive approach to gathering the factual and expert evidence required to properly assess the merits of claims, providing early and accurate estimates of quantum and potential costs.

To minimise exposure and risk, we endeavour to resolve disputes expediently on best possible terms for our clients. If your claim should be vigorously litigated, our Partners provide high quality representation in Court proceedings.

We proactively investigate Public Liability Claims, obtain evidence to assist in assessing quantum and potential litigation risks, and advise on strategies to achieve a successful outcome for every client.

Our liability lawyers work effectively to achieve quick, just and cost-effective outcomes for our clients. We understand the value for our clients in reaching a swift resolution so that each party is able to move forward and put these matters behind them.