When separating, families are also faced with difficult decisions regarding child arrangements, property division, financial arrangements and future negotiation and communication.


Our family lawyers are able to advise on all aspects of these decisions, and have the knowledge and experience necessary to negotiate and, if required, represent and advocate on your behalf.


Have you considered:

·         Who the children will live with, and whether arrangements for how and when they will spend time with the non-residential parent?


·         How major long-term decisions concerning the children will be made?


·         What will happen to your children if one parent decides to relocate?


·         How each party will financially support themselves and your children?


·         How matrimonial assets such as the family home, superannuation and bank accounts will be divided?


·         Who will pay outstanding bills or debts?


·         Whether you or your partner may be eligible to apply for spousal maintenance or child support?


·         Your or your partner’s ability to gain meaningful employment in the future?


Even where parties are able to come to a mutual agreement in relation to such matters, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer in order to ensure that your (and your children’s) rights and interests are being protected and that the agreement is fair and likely to be honored. At Rankin Ellison, our expert lawyers have extensive experience in helping clients move forward with their lives following an often traumatic and uncertain time. We understand that the needs of our clients vary according to individual circumstances and tailor our advice and service to reflect this.


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